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  • https versus http with images host on...

    Hi Guys,

    Our site is quite graphics intense, more so the product images we provide our customers. So forthe entire year we have been hosting the product images on another domain, and directing the images from 3dcart to that area.

    The only problem with this is when a customer makes a purchase and then logs off, the site throws up all those security issue popups. Doing this because the images are from our .com site, and not the 3dcart hosted .net site. Even though the .com site has ssi certificates.

    So a programmer mentioned that I should just type in https:// instead of http:// and that will fix the problem. But when I do this, the photo will not show up at all?

    Any help on this would be great. Thanks


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    Your 3dcart site is using a shared SSL certificate, so, you will always have the security popups. You may want to invest in an SSL cert for your 3dcart.


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      We do have a SSI for the 3dcart as well for our .com site where photos are hosted. But still the problem is there?

      Again the issue is the photo does not show when I use https versus http. So if the photo would show using the https there would be no security issues. Again SSI is exstablished for both .com and .net (3dcart program)



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        I'm not sure why they wouldn't show. If you link to them directly in your browser on the .com site, they do show. In any event, we still get security warnings visiting your secure site because you are using a shared SSL certificate for your store. This may be the reason the https links from .com don't show. You should always use your own SSL certificate do avoid the security popups your customers may see depending on their browser.
        Perhaps your General Store Settings don't show your secure site as https:/ If you do have an SSL cert of your .net cart, you should definately use it and point the secure site to your domain, not the shared 3dcartstores domain. Hope this helps.


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          Accidental Second post


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            well i can use https and the photos do not show? But they show fine using http. I guess that is my main question, as to why it does not work using https?