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Add-to-Cart and Sort functions NOT Working!!!

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  • Add-to-Cart and Sort functions NOT Working!!!

    I am having a major issue here that I was hoping someone in here could PLEASE help me with.

    I recently updated my template with some new images and code.

    Everything looks great, but I am now experiencing 2 new issues that I've never had before.

    1) "Add to Cart" button is on every product page (good), but when clicked- nothing happens (item not added to cart)

    2) "Product Sort" drop-down box does not do anything (price low-high, newest-oldest, etc.)

    3) "Options" pricing does not update when a user clicks a different set of options.

    I thought this was a FRAME issue, since that is the only thing I've made any recent changes to, but everything looks good as far as I can see.

    Here is a link to a product with options for reference:

    Any suggestions would be more than appreciated. Thanks everyone!


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    Can you change templates temporarily and see if it works?


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      I've accidentally broken several aspects of my cart before, just by somehow missing a simple bit of code or altering one letter of code, but tech support has always been great about fixing it for me.

      It sounds to me like you may have altered your Listing (products) and Category templates. As suggested, you might just switch to another template temporarily, while you put in a ticket and see if tech support can't identify the issue for you.