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Avoiding giving free shipping when not intended

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  • Avoiding giving free shipping when not intended

    I ship with USPS only. In general, weight limits are 66 pounds overseas for global express and somewhere around 80 pounds domestic for priority mail, which are the ship methods I use.

    If a customer places an order that exceeds the weight limits imposed by USPS, 3dcart provides no shipping methods for that order during checkout, because the order falls outside the weight limits for that method. No arguments there. But how do I avoid this?

    In fact, the real question is, "how do I prevent orders from being placed that exceed weight limits?". I can not use dollar limits to prevent these orders, since my products are of widely varying weights and prices. There is no feasible way to use dollar limits. Additionally, I would rather not lose customers because they order too much!!! It does not take much thought to realize how undesireable that is.

    3dcart provides weight limits that can be defined in each shipping method, but when the limit is exceeded the order is allowed to proceed with essentially free shipping. Was that intended by the designers of 3dcart? Is there any way to prevent this?

    Any suggestions?