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  • MFGID variable in links

    We would like to have a link to a product specifications sheet for each of our products. For example, we have a pdf file for each product number (manufacturer ID). We would like to have a standard link to each product's pdf on each listing page, but we do not want to have to enter each pdf individually. We tried the /assets/images/pdfs/[mfgid].pdf link in the extra field 6, but that did not work. The extra field does accept html, but, the variable wont work. Any ideas how to make this work dynamically?
    Thanks in advance! :)

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    before i went live on 3dCart I paid to expose the mfg ID field on various forms and emails.


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      It's a shame these types of things are not included in the cart functionality. We can't use their dropship feature either for the same reason.


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        Manufacturer Part Number on Purchase order is not there MFGID

        We are surprised that the Manufacturer's part number does not appear on the Purchase Order email purchase_order_0.html -- since this is a logical and necessary field to provide manufacturers or distributors when placing an order.

        We communicated with 3dcart and they said this is a paid customization which quite frankly is very surprising to us!

        I am wondering how others have handled this without paying for a customization.

        Thank you! Nina