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USPS First Class International No Longer Displays as a Shipping Option

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  • USPS First Class International No Longer Displays as a Shipping Option

    Have been using 3D cart since last May with no issues on USPS International Priority or First Class International shipping calculation. All of a sudden First Class International fails to show up as an option at checkout yet International Priority stills shows up. I am losing orders due to only showing the one higher priced option.

    Anybody else have this issue? I have not changed any programing of shipping options and the information for First Class shipping still looks correct. Anybody have any bright ideas as to what may be causing this?


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    Yes! I just found out when a customer emailed me that I am having the same problem!

    The USPS changed their rates on January 4. I wonder if they reconfigured something that changed things because I have not changed any 3dCart settings either.



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      I submitted a ticket to support regarding this issue. Here's their response:

      "This is a known issue stemming from the USPS end and is affecting anyone who uses that method. This ticket will be assigned to our lead admin and you will be contacted once the issue is resolved. Thank you in advance for your patience."


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        Thanks for posting and submitting the ticket!! Hopefully this will get resolved soon. Glad to hear it's not something I screwed up!!

        In the meantime (ugh) I am emailing all my foreign buyers the option to change to First Class and manually refunding .... no fun!! :eek:


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          Just got word that it's been fixed! Hurray! :) I tested it in my own cart with an international order and it's working fine!

          From 3DCart Support:
          "We applied the update and both International options are working correctly now."

          Thank you, Support, for your quick response with this important issue!


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            Hmmm .... still does not seem to be working for my store :(


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              Is the shipment over 4 pounds? Over 4 lb has to go Priority.