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  • "Space Used" Bar

    Hello everyone,

    What space does the "Space Used" bar measure the size of? Mine keeps getting more and more full, but I am not adding anything. Does it include my mail server? I am sure there is plenty of spam and files I have emailed/recieved that could be filling it up that way. But, if that gauge doesn't measure email server space, how is my useage growing for my site/store when I am not adding anything?


    David Cox - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    The "space used" bar shows the total space used for the whole "Assets" folder, which includes templates and images. If it moved up, its probably because of new images you uploaded...if you have not uploaded images, have you perhaps FTP a few files into the assets folder?
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      As far as I can remember, I have only added two files in the past several months. One is the homepage special image, which is a benchmade knife at the moment, and the other is the SSL logo. I added a product image about 2 moths ago too, but all of those files were jpgs or gifs, and small even for those formats.

      I wonder if a backup file has found its way into the assets folder. I certainly have not intentionally put it there if so. - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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        What the heck is "zoomify?"

        I just checked me assets folder and found that directory. I didnt put it there, thats for sure. I have never heard of such a thing. Can it be deleted? How in the world did it get there? - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors