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  • Breadcrumb Menu Items

    At the top of my cart pages is a breadcrumb menu. I know I modified it at one time but for the life of me can't remeber how to change the settings. Could someone remind me of the steps to change those items.

    Thanks in advance.

    Allan Browning

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    the text for the first link is breadcrumb-home in the settings > store language

    it is using a an a link off class class="item" if you want to modify look


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      Breadcrumb Menu Clarification

      Thank you dmoore. What I really am looking for is where the href is so I can change the link's URL.


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        Originally posted by visionquest01 View Post
        What I really am looking for is where the href is so I can change the link's URL.
        Did you ever find the information you were looking for? I want to the same thing myself. Specifically, I want the last breadcrumb on product pages to link itself. Semantically, so that spiders can see it.

        HTML Code:
        <div class="breadcrumbs">[CATEGORY_FULLLINE] [frame_breadcrumb-divider] [name]</div>
        Specifically, does anyone know how to pull [url_link] or [link] to the product? Neither value validates/populates in the rendered HTML. What should I put in the ??? to make this work?

        HTML Code:
        <div class="breadcrumbs">[CATEGORY_FULLLINE] [frame_breadcrumb-divider] <a href="???">[name]</a></div>
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          For anyone curious, I decided to use the following code to link the last breadcrumb to itself:

          HTML Code:
          <div class="breadcrumbs">[CATEGORY_FULLLINE] [frame_breadcrumb-divider] <a href="[catalogid]">[name]</a></div>
          Last edited by TMS Clint; 05-15-2015, 03:30 PM. Reason: took site-specific URL our of HTML
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            Hi - could you tell me which file I will find the div class "breadcrumbs" - I want to edit the font/size of the breadcrumbs as well as limit the breadcrumb trail. Hoping this is possible. I edited the CSS as follow but it seems to have had no impact. Thanks.

            .breadcrumbs {
            font-family: 'Raleway', sans-serif;
            text-transform: capitalize;
            font-style: italic;
            font-size: 10px;


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              mstarkman Did you figure it out? Did you make that change in the "default_modified.css" file of your current template?
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