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  • Free gift during checkout

    I know that you can set up a promotion to include a free item if your customer reaches a certain dollar amount spent. We would like to give them a free t-shirt. The only problem is that they need to be able to choose the size of the shirt and as far as I can tell there isn't a way to give them a free item that includes options. Does anyone know of any kind of code or workaround for this?

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    No work arounds at the moment as the free item is added to the cart automatically and can not be changed after added to the cart.

    A possible solution but not the nicest is to add the item, for say $10.00, and put it on its own category ie "Specials", you can also add it to the t-shirt category if you like as well, call it "Promo shirt" or whatever. Then make a promo, if order is more than $100, then give $10.00 OFF any items in the "Specials" category. On the description of the item it could say "Order $100 or more and the t-shirt will be free".

    The thing about this is that they need to go to the item and add it, if they simply add $100 worth of items, it will not trigger the promotion. Perhaps you could make a banner, announcing the promo, and display it on the view cart page, so customers remember to add to cart...
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      Is there any way that this can be resolved. I want to do the same thing: offer a free t-shirt with purchase over $250 but need them to be able to select a size. Forcing them to add the shirt manually sucks because most will forget then call me later and say "I forgot to add it" which creates more work for me on the backend.

      I've run into this before too when I want to offer any product at a fixed price with the purchase of another but almost all my products have options so it's very frustrating. Can you enable products with options to work here? Also add a percentage check box next to the price field so I could do a promotion that is like, "buy any item from this category, and get this item 30% off".


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        If you are not running a huge volume of these promotions why not just email/call the customer to ask them for what size they need?


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          Have them put it in the comments section at checkout.

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            Just make a mandatory checkout question with your size choices. They will answer it as they proceed through checkout :)