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Do you include www on store URL?

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  • Do you include www on store URL?

    Does it make a difference if you have or http://<span style="color:DarkRed">w...> on store settings url?

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    Just a matter of preference. I would suggest having the domain name without the www, for consistency.


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      www or non-www

      According to this article, it could have an impact to Google.
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        So what if you select the option, "Don't select a preferred domain"? I read the portion of the article that says,

        "If you don't specify a preferred domain, we may treat the www and non-www versions of the domain as separate references to separate pages."

        but what does that really mean? We selected that option, and our site is listed with the Since most people link to us with just the, would we be better off selecting that option? I'm so confused :(


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          Looks like it could affect your sitemap

          Check this out. looks like it could make a big difference.


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            So since it appears that everything on my site points to the www.domain, then I should select it instead of the "Don't select a preferred domain"? I guess I thought by choosing that I wasn't limiting myself, but now maybe I need to look at it differently.

            However, what about all of those blogs/posts on message boards that link to just our By selecting one over the other will all of those be discounted?

            I'm just terrified of screwing up my organic rankings, but would love for them to be improved.
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              I had read somewhere that google could treat and as duplicate content, and you should choose 1 or the other. Does that have any validity? :confused:


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                I think it's just important to be as consistent as is possible. Have the setting in 3DC match the setting in Google Webmaster tools. It looks like if you have www.domain set as your preference in Google, incoming links for just will be transformed to your preference. Don't worry about incoming links that you can't control not matching the preference.


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                  Sorry if I seem really dense (but I am when it comes to this stuff), but one more question. If I only have my listed and verified with Google, do I now need to enter the site "" and have that verified as well?

                  I currently have the "don't select a preferred domain" checked and when I try to select the "Display URLs as" I get this message:

                  "Part of the process of setting a preferred domain is to verify that you own Please verify


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                    Yes, you should follow the steps to verify both domain version, and have them both set to a preferred domain that is the same and consistent.


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                      I guess we're back to the original question

                      Do you include www on store URL or not? What’s the advantage or disadvantage? Some say no, some say yes, some say it doesn't matter, some (like me) say I’m confused. Wish an expert would jump in; do we have any experts at 3dcart who would like to answer this question? Or should we vote on it…..


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                        personally, I do not include www in my store URL because the rewrite will take care of people who are typing in either/or. It covers both bases.


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