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Gift Certs for Free Product?

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  • Gift Certs for Free Product?

    We doing a product (award) that is paid for (in bulk) by one company, but needs to be able to be ordered by the end user with no charge.

    It is relatively low volume spread across 7 months, so we can hand check that someone who didn't earn the award doesn't redeem.

    So, I am looking for a way to setup the redemption on my site. I see 3 options for doing this.

    1) Issue gift certificates for this. Is there a way to bulk enter gift certs? I don't want to have to hand enter 400-500 certificates.

    2) Password protected product page. (List product for $0). Is this possible within 3dcart?

    3) Coupon code for "free product" or 100% discount on those products. I could issue a different code for each of the events.

    I think #3 is my best bet. I am thinking I can hide the product and category for any of the methods to keep the general public from trying to order. Any thoughts....