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    I am trying to add one of these buttons. or Problem is, share this works fine, but the image source is not on a secure server so it looks like upon checkout that the website is not secure. Add this does not seem to work for me, though they do have a change to the code to allow a secure image source. I am trying to add it to my menu bar under site content. I have order info, contact us, etc and want to add this feature. Anyone have success in doing so? I have created a new menu link and put the code in place of the name. As I said, I got share this to work but it didn't look like my checkout page was secure because of the image source.

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    "though they do have a change to the code to allow a secure image source"

    What is the change to the code?

    can you copy the image to your file manager and link to that image instead?
    Does the button work with an https link?

    We use the adthis app but only on the listing pages, so, we don't get an non secure error on checkout. I assume since the link you are trying is in the header, it appears on all pages, including checkout.


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      If you are using AddThis on a https:// page you will need to make some small changes.

      In the code of the widget replace or with

      That's it. All features will continue to work the same.

      This is from the website. So you can place it in the menu and keep the pages secure. Problem is, I can't get the code to work where I want it. Where do you have yours?