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  • Order status best practices

    Is there a best practice document on order status processing? Do you leave them in a shipped status or wait until they are xx months old and move them to a custom status of “old orders” and delete old orders after xx months? How long do you retain your orders and in what status? Thanks in advance

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    What i do is leave them in Shipped for a month. On the 1st of the month, I ex port them via the Orders>export/Import and save them on my computer, in a filed titled "Shipped Orders - January 2010". This way here, I can keep a backup of them and also keep my organization strong on the admin panel.


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      we leave them in the admin for at least three months.
      A few times a month we get callers questioning the charge on their card, or not recognizing the charge or amount. It is handy to be able to look back at the date of the charge (or nearby) to search for an order or matching amount. They don't have an order number or invoice number so this is the only way to search. Also, it is handy for the occasional charge-back.


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        Interesting. I've never removed them at all. I just keep them all in shipped status. I suppose I can see how this could get lengthy. I never really thought about it. I might have to do something about that. ;)