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  • Help Setting up Category Page


    I am working on a laptop battery website where the left column would show all laptop manufacturer's (Dell, HP, Apple, etc). When they click on a manufacturer it takes them to a page that shows an image of every laptop by that manufacturer. For example, the dell page would take them to a subcategory page with every dell laptop shown as an image. When they click on an image, Dell Inspiron 1525 for example, it takes them to that battery/product page. Here is an example of how I would want it to look:

    It seems the best way to do this would have the "dell" page be the results on all the products and use the icons. The problem is I want the icon to be of the laptop itself, not of my product. I could do a little bit of design on a subcategory page and then link directly to the product page. Please let me know your thoughts on the best way to achieve this.

    I hope that question made sense. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!