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  • Do you require login?

    Had a question on what you guys set your required login setting to in your store settings. I currently have mine set to "not required", but am finding that then some customers cannot submit a RMA because they failed to make an account. I would change it to "required to buy" but then I am afraid that would turn some customers off and not continue with checkout. Any solutions?

    Also are your email required and password required checked?


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    Hi Sean,

    I require a login and here's why I would suggest it:

    If you look at the largest Ecommerce sites in the world (Amazon, Dell, Ebay) all three require logins. For the most part, people shopping online expect to be required to login in order to make a purchase.

    Personally, I think a customer would have a more negative experience not being able to find an RMA form then they would taking 2 minutes to sign up!

    Just my opinion! Cheers!


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      I tried to set it to "Require Login To Buy", but found if I set it up this way, customers had to log in to just add a product to the shopping cart. That's crazy!

      I WANT them to create an account or login at the time they check out their order, but I don't want them forced to log in just to add a product to their cart. So how do I set that up correctly?


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        I don't require a login, and only a few customers have not created the user name. But most do and maybe they plan to re-purchase again.


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          We do not require login for regular customers. I do think it depends on your demographic. Many of our customers are senior citizens, and would not purchase from us if we required them to login. We don't have any issue with RMAs, because all of our shipments are sent with a letter explaining that they can either login to create an RMA, or contact us by phone or email to request one. That is far better than turning away customers because they don't wish to create an account.
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            We also don't require login and few do. Like brassandsilver our customers are older and would leave. We have very few returns so RMA is not a issue(never had a RMA), they can contact us on our toll free number with any issues.


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              don't require login to view pricing but always require an account to purchase something.


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                Originally posted by doberer View Post
                don't require login to view pricing but always require an account to purchase something.
                You're doing what I want to do for my store. Exactly how do you have this set up? Because right now, if I change my settings to "Require Login To Buy", customers have to log in to just add a product to the shopping cart and that's NOT what I want to do. I only want it required that they log in to an account when they check out their order. So if you could share how you have this set up, it sure would help us out. Thanks! :)