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Question on email settings.

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  • Question on email settings.

    IN the general store settings there is a section for email on order status. What does this affect?
    For instance there is new, processing, shipped, etc. However, emails only go out for new orders, besides having the checkboxes for all status checked. Now, in the order details page, there is a "notify" checkbox that you can check to email the customer of a status change. This DOES send out an email. Finally, when viewing multiple orders, and batch action changing status on multiple orders at the same time, will that generate an email based on the general store email settings?
    Very confusing. :confused:
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    It is rather confusing.

    I'd rather see a link entitled "send shipping confirmation", which you can set to do automatically (when order is changed to shipped) or manually.

    Even more important for us thou is a drop ship link to be able to manually send an order to our supplier. I sure hope this is in the next release.