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These guys rock!!

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  • These guys rock!!

    These guy rock!!


    I just wanted to drop a note to everyone that I am so far extremely pleased with the service from these guys! I am not yet live, but will be in about a week. The experience is very personal, and these guys even have a sense of humor.

    The shopping cart is great too, and the features go on and on. They are very helpful in getting things working the way I want them to, which is extremely useful for those of us who are not heavy HTML and ASP coders.

    Carlin and Jimmy, thanks for everything so far.

    Jason G. (MistyMoon)

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    ...and these guys even have a sense of humor.
    Notice there is no mention as to whether this sense of humor is a "good" or "bad." :D

    Welcome aboard Jason! Let us know when you go live so we can check it out!



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      what the frik

      Hello frik-n-frak,

      Their humor is great. Very laid-back, and with the times. They are definately jiggy with it!

      Your site looks great. I'll have to send the link to my father-in-law. He loves puzzles.

      My old site is, and I'm hoping to have the new one up next week sometimes.