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  • Fake email registrations

    we have been getting a few fake customer registrations lately. Just curious what or who and why these happens. The emails are bogus, like [email protected]

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    Our site is not yet open for business yet and we have been getting about 2-3 customer registrations per day. The email addresses usually are well-formed, but the contact information in general looks fake. Almost always the company field is listed as "google" and the address appears invalid.

    My guess is spammers/fraudsters trying to find sites to abuse.

    On a sidenote, is it really a good idea to put customer passwords in cleartext via email on every registration message?


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      On cbstevens sidenote, I have modified all the email templates that had the [pass] field coded into them, and replaced it with the text "Please safeguard your password"

      The one thing I haven't figured out yet is how to handle it when a customer loses his/her password and clicks on the Reset my Password button. By default, the system will then send him/her their password in cleartext (it doesn't really "reset" it at all). I could remove the [pass] field from that email template as well, but then how do I get them a new password without having to send it as clear text? The system needs some improvement in this area.

      Take care,


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        We masked the password with ******* early on for all emails as well.


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          I posted a New Request to have the ability to see and block the ip address from these registration and email pages. Does anyone else want to see this as a feature?