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Excluding a Product from a Promotion

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  • Excluding a Product from a Promotion

    Is there a way to EXCLUDE a specific ITEM from a promotion? I know you can include categories, but we have our items in multiple categories so this won't work.



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    all I can see is Exclude Items that have QTY discount or On Sale


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      Thanks Mark,

      Yeah that all I can see too.

      The problem I have is I sell shoes and I want to exclude a certain manufacturer from a promotion because they won't sell to us if we discount their products. If I include all of the categories in "Discount Applies to Products on these Categories:" or "Applies if Products from these Categories are in the basket" EXCEPT that specific manufacturer category then it works. If my customers ONLY have that manufacturer category in their cart. The minute they add any other categories it negates any parameters I had setup.

      Even if I place the items from that manufacturer on sale once someone puts a non sale item in the cart it negates that parameter.

      So there has to be a way to exclude a specific category or product. Any thoughts?