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Trouble with search feature

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  • Trouble with search feature

    We are having trouble with the search feature as relates to "Option Titles"
    In other words, we have products with options part number that don't come up in search. Anyway we can have options part numbers come up in search?
    Thanks in advance. :)

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    We, as well, have customers complain that the search engine is slow and that not all things come up. For example, they have to type it perfectly with captials, etc. for it to come up.
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      Try adding the words and part #'s to the "keyword" section in the Admin product area.

      This way... if a customer enters: "Popcorn" in the search it will pull up items that are related to popcorn but don't necessarily have "Popcorn" in the product name.


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        Please explain

        Can you please explain how this helps so I understand better?
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          Search Help

          It's not a sophisticated search. As far as my experimentation has shown, the search field actually searches these 5 areas:
          1. id/sku
          2. name
          3. short description
          4. description
          5. keywords

          If the search term doesn't appear in one of these areas, the item won't turn up when that term is used. The problem you have to worry about at this point, is how many items will turn up for a certain search term. If you sell different types of knives and a user searches for "knife," then every item you sell will turn up in the search results. Even an item such as "Cloth for Cleaning a Knife" will turn up as it has "Knife" in the title -- the problem here being that the person who searched for a "knife" probably wan't looking for a cloth.

          Hope this helps!
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