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Can't configure advanced options for multiple product options

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  • Can't configure advanced options for multiple product options

    We can't seem to configure advanced product options for products with multiple product options. For example. Product A, Options: with lid (add $100) with base (add $200). In this example, you can purchase the product only, or with the lid, or with the base, or with the lid AND base. When we try to configure advanced options, the error states that more than one option cannot be assigned sort order zero. We can't config advanced options! Any solutions out there?
    Thanks in advance. :)

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    You get this message because your options have the same sort order. Look in the product options and you wil see a sorting column. Manually assign a position to them (1,2,3 etc.) and click the update button. You must do this whereever you have more than one option (even options within the options) in order to use the advanced options.


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      Yeah, that's what the error message states, but, the sort order has no effect. :(
      The issue is the options are stackable. Is the advanced options not available for stackable options? I assume so, because it doesn't seem to work. We need to configure advanced options for product add-ons....