Heard a holler this morning, from an office down the hall... "I can't get my order placed"... "It won't let me go beyond my shipping information..."

Note: This concerns "One Page Checkout"...

Our payroll manager was trying to purchase some items for a friend of hers and she was getting stuck at the point where you finish putting in the "shipping" information and are trying to put in a password for your email.

It "appears" that the system is updating (the screen lightens) and someone who is tabbing through to the password field, or clicking it, does not (necessarilly) realize that the "tab" has not gone through and so they start to put in their password, only to find they are doing it in the "State" field of the shipping section, which, of course, messes that up...

This does not appear to happen with the 4 step checkout process, since going from one seciton, to the next, clears things... I'd rather use the one page checkout, but if an "experienced" on-line shopper has a glitch, I'd rather not have it happen to others.

Have I set something wrong? Do I need to set something to make it work smoother?? Any thoughts on it at all???