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  • Disable a single distributor?

    We would like to "pause" offerring a certain distributors products for sale without closing the entire store. For example, distributor A is closing for inventory and wont be shipping products for a few days. Without modifying stock levels (setting inventory to out of stock) is there a way to hide or not offer these products for sale? If you "hide" items, I believe the external links to that product still work, and customers will find your items somehow. We don't want to set inventory to zero, because, we don't want to have to adjust inventory back to original amounts. Also, we don't want to modify the products to say "ships in about 1 week" because, customers often miss this message.
    Thanks in advance! :)

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    What i would do is an EXPORT of the products in those distributors, then, an import of

    id and notforsale

    The notforsale column set to 1 for all items.

    What this will do is turn the flag "Not for sale" for all those items.
    The page remains active so it wont loose any ranking, but customers can't buy the item. Then it is easy to "undo" this by importing again with the flag set to 0 instead of 1.
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      Okay, that seems doable. We will try that, and, change the store language for "NotforSale" to "Availble April 2010, or something like that. Is the ID all that is required, or do you need the Catalog ID?
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        Will try this for Holiday time! :)