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  • New Custom Field Items?

    We would like to create a few custom items to appear in the product listing.
    For example, under the "availability" data item we would like to create two new fields such as "Shipping Time:" and "Ships Via:" and/or other variables that would display. The value of these variables would need to be configured on a "per product" basis. is there a method for this? It seems there may have been something like this previously....
    Thanks in advance. :)

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    you could easily use the 'extra' field associated with each and every product and do a simple template change to support this.


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      That's what we ended up doing.
      We were trying to get the product, manufacturer and shipping details up front and obvious.
      We adjusted our listing template thusly:

      We will also be trying the tabbed display down lower, but, that's a little harder to do.