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  • Need some help.

    I wanted to get a pull down working on my products page that would show multiple designs available. You pull down, design shows up.

    I go that working but my Add to Cart button stops working. If I go back to the standard code the add to cart works.

    I hope that a really wise 3dcart guru can help me out, because I really like the way it is working.

    here is the page:

    Any help appreciated!!!

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    We have a draft of this here:

    it's a work in progress.

    your issue is probably mixing product options and not being able to "add to cart"


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      It looks like you have the pull-down/drop-down option code above the product options block code:

      Not sure, but this may be preventing the product from being added to the cart since it may not recognize the chosen option.

      Try placing this code: <!--START: PRODUCT_OPTIONS_BLOCK-->
      above this drop-down menu. But if you try this watch where you place the code for your extended description. Or place the drop-down menu back under the Choose Options section.


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        Let me start by saying thanks guys for your replies.

        So, you guys have your set up in in the product options?
        I like yours better, on mine, you could pull down to see the designs but you would have to pull down again to select the design you viewed above. Ours seems redundant. Are you willing to share info on how you pulled this off?
        I know enough about code to make me dangerous to someone who really knows how to do it.


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          We just used the "drop down with img" in the product options section. Whether or not We have cut and pasted the code to position it how we wanted, but, honestly, I can't recall. You could "view source" to see how it works, I suppose. I started a thread about it a while back, as seen here:
          The project is on hold, as it is time consuming to add the images one by one. We were going to try an export/import, but, just got too busy to add all the fifty schools.....


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            This is really easy to create by using the drop down image option in the 3dcart options. No code changing required.