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  • Qeustion about upgrades

    Haven't been around for a upgrade before. Not to sound stupid but I'm guessing this doesn't mess with our modified templates just the defaults.
    This is correct isn't it?
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    If you've edited any files in the Common Folder you'll want to move those to copy those to your specific template folder. Common Folder files may be overwritten.

    At least that's my understanding.
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      Support said if you modify the templates in the template designer it creates a copy in your template folder (verified as true in ftp) but if you had downloaded it, modified it and replaced the common folder file it would be overwritten.
      Anyway made a copy and stored locally too.


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        The problem is, if an upgrade requires new templates to be used to take advantage of new features, will have to redo all your modifications. I haven't a real good way to do this, without studying all the mods you made and cut an paste them into the new templates when the time comes. I may go back and put comment tags above all my modifications.


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          I sure hope it doesn't mess things up, I've been working hard on the existing site. I'd hate to have to start over.


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            Been though several upgrades on our other site. They don't make changes on any modified templates. I usually just pick and choose which new items I want from a new template set and paste it to my set.