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SKUs / inventory - How to handle these with 3D

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  • SKUs / inventory - How to handle these with 3D

    We are having some troubles / challenges synchronizing inventory between our web site and our back end POS/ Warehouse system. Here is the story..

    Assuming that a SKU is defined as a unique number assigned to the lowest level of item that can be sold, we are finding some inconsistency in how 3D handles these.

    The problem comes when we are exporting and importing importing inventory.

    Currently, the inventory export uses one of three values as the "product key".
    - For products with no options, the SKU/ID field is used
    - For product with one option the Part # is used
    - For products with advanced options, the CODE is used

    This also effects the customer receipt where
    - For products with no options, the SKU/ID field is listed
    - For product with one option, the SKU/ID and the Part # is listed
    - For products with advanced options, the CODE is listed

    Does anybody have any advice/experience that can help us here?


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    Possible Solution

    I think that we may have a possible solution --

    We assign every product on our site an ID. This ID applies to the top level of the product and is also used to name the images and other files that go along with it.

    Under each product (regardless if it has options or not) we create advanced options and assign a SKU in the CODE field. This allows us to be consistent (every item on the site has a ID and a SKU) and allows us to use the CODE field to match inventory to our warehouse system and 3D.

    For items that have one option (e.g. color) or two options (e.g. color and size) this works well.

    For items that have no options (e.g. a keychain) we assign a "dummy option". To prevent this dummy option from displaying on the sell page, we make sure that the option is selected by default.

    We will define a different template that does not display the options for products like these since a user does not have to choose an option.

    Comments ??


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      I'm actually up against this right now, but things don't seem to be working for me.

      When I do a product export, the id is basically the SKU. Even if I define options and advance options, and insert a new "sku" in the "code" field on the advanced options page, the original SKU is still displaying in the id field on the exports.

      Is this how it is supposed to work?

      I'm basically trying to find an EASY way to update various sizes etc., without doing the big convoluted advanced options import routine.

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