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  • Optimizing for Facebook

    I want to optimize my website and pages on my website for Facebook, in particular Facebook Share. I want to control what images are offered as preview thumbnails and what images are not (for example I don't want my PayPal badge or Secure Site icon showing up as an option).

    I know this can be done, but based on my research so far, it seems that websites using frames (3dcart websites) aren't able to do so. I'm hoping some smart person can tell me I'm wrong!

    For example, if you go here
    you can see what info comes up for your website if shared on Facebook. The image that shows up for my site is some random image on the website and not my logo. As per their instructions I added the code to the meta tags in frame.html <meta property="og:image" content="URLtoMyLogo"/> HOWEVER that made the image the DEFAULT for every page. If I tried to share a product page, instead of pulling the product images, it would just display that one image.

    Apparently I can use the <link rel="image_src"> tag in the meta tags to specify WHICH image on a page I want used for Facebook Share, however the only meta tags we have access to are in the frame.html (I know we can add meta description/title/keywords for each product/page on the site, but I can't put the <link rel="image_src"> tag there!) and so I'd be back at square one.

    Has some smart person figured out a work around or is this something I should put on the back burner until v3.2 rolls out?


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    Is there any word on this? I tried putting the tag on the global header page, but that didn't work. Where can we put the <link rel="image_src"> tag so that facebook will pull the right thumbnail?