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How to backup website?

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  • How to backup website?

    We cannot backup our website with ftp on Windows 7 with explorer. We have a large amount of data to move and it keeps timing out with errors when we try to copy a folder with lots of subfolders and data (such as the images). Its many 100MBs, just wondering if it is server/client/or network related.
    Thanks in advance. :)
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    I was having similar issues. What ftp client are you using to back it up? I was using filezilla and I kept having issues where it would time out and not connect. After a bit of talking to tech support we figured that it was just filezilla trying to open to many connections at once. They had me set filezilla to only open one connection at a time.

    Hope that helps.


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      The file transfer gets about halfway through on the largest folders and errors out. Very frustrating. I will take a closer look at the client piece.
      (Smaller file transfers do just fine)