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How to update without overwriting?

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  • How to update without overwriting?

    We have an update of our products to upload. About 7,000 products. Some exist and most don't. However, those that do have images. The new products do not. If we upload without a path to the images (ommit the images field) the products that are uploaded, display no image. We want them to display the "default" image when no image exists. Also, if we include the path to images, it will overwrite the existing images. How can we upload/update products?
    Thanks in advance. :)
    Also, why when no path is supplied for new products the default image doesn't display?

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    I suggest you do 2 files.
    1) A file that contains new products.
    2) A file that has updates.

    The one that has updates, if no updates are being done to images, remove the images column, this will ensure images are not overwrite on those products.

    If you upload a file with the image1 column as "BLANK" you will be updating those items with blank images (removing the images) however if the image1 field is not present it wont update that field.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
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      Okay, thanks.
      Do you know a method to determine which products already exist and which are the new ones? Quick question, when updating existing products, what is the field that is used to identify the product? Is it catalog id or id?
      In other words, We need to update existing products but our csv file doesn't have the existing catalog id. We have a new product file from the manufacturer which is based on the current id (sku) field. We need to update the existing products with the new info in this file. We have 4000 products existing and the new file has 7000, so, it's not a cut and paste update. Not sure how to prevent overwriting existing with the new file. :confused:
      I guess we will still need to import and export and then re-import to get the default images to show. When we upload without an image column, the default image is wiped out and replaced with blank images.