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    I have this enabled in settings, but it's not working. I'm guessing that since I've edited a number of pages to create my own template that's the issue.

    Does anyone happen to know the file I should be looking at to try and pull down the appropriate code to make this work?

    Thanks in advance if you happen to know.

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    Sorry - I don't know for sure, but I'm going to have to make the same change to my template. So guessing - I'd say it would be the new frame file from one of the template folders. On both your frame file and the new one, I'd look for the section labeled as:

    <!--START: FRAME_SEARCH--> and ending with <!--END: FRAME_SEARCH-->

    ...and replace the code.

    Hopefully someone will post whether this is correct or not, but if not - please report back whether or not this works for you.

    Since there are so many new features, I think I'm going to have to take the release notes and make a checklist of things to check on my templates since I've edited most of them.


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      ScribeTime is on the right track with the reference to frame_search. We just posted a KB article on this very topic that explains a couple of things to look for if the QuickSearch isn't applying for your 3.2 store.

      It can be accessed here:

      Aside from the easy things to look for, the article also includes portions of the coding that was added to the frame.html templates to accommodate the QuickSearch feature.

      Also, since you have some edited templates you're dealing with, you may want to look at our additional 3.2 FAQs we're working on. There's references to other 3.2 functions that may need coding added to various templates. For example, 3DZoom and RSS feeds, etc.

      The main KB category for the FAQs is located here:

      We're currently in the process of adding more FAQs to it, so be sure to bookmark it.

      Thanks for the posting! Please let us know if you experience any further issues.


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        Is there a listing of all the changes in the new frame.html?
        Many of us have made modifications to the frame file and it would be handy to know what changes we need to make. Thanks.


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          Awesome, thanks for the replies. As soon as I'm in front of my development computer I'll check it out. Very eager to implement this, as the admin quick search is VERY nice. Excited to give that to my customers.

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            Got it applied, works great.

            Thanks again.

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              We didn't get an updated frame file in our common folder. So, we can't refer to the frame file you have in your FAQ. We modified our frame file previously. How can we get a copy of the new frame file?


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                Do you edit your files via FTP? If so, you would find a new frame file under each of the new template folders under "web/assets/templates". I see a total of 35 installed template folders (v30001, v30002, etc...), so there would be a total of 35 different frame files.

                I don't usually edit files via the Admin Panel, but I don't believe you would find a frame file in the common folder.

                I would look under styles and themes in your Admin Panel to find the template version that looks most like yours and then proceed to open the frame file for that one.

                I've found it easier to copy and paste code (i.e. Quick Search) from the new frame file and then paste it into my custom frame file.


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                  CSS for Quick Search Bar?

                  OK, so I have the Quick Search working on my site, however I think the font size of the results is too large. I found the quicksearch.css and edited it, but when I tried to upload the changed file via FTP it said "Access Denied". Weird...

                  The other weird thing is that when I looked at Mike's site - he has the exact same code but the font size of his results looks a lot smaller. I'm guessing that the results are also pulling on some other CSS property, but I don't know which one.

                  Any thoughts?

                  To see what I'm talking about go to our site and then compare to



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                    That's a good question. I know with other files if you update a file in your own specific template folder that it will take precedence over the similarly named file in the "common" folder.

                    If you create this:


                    in your specific template folder, will it behave the same way?

                    That might be something to try.

                    Just a thought.

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