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  • Estimated Delivery during checkout

    Hi, does anyone know how to add estimated delivery dates to the checkout process? We would like for our customers, when deciding between the various shipping options during checkout to be able to see an estimated delivery date by each option - like you see on Amazon for example.

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    I don't believe there is a way to do this right now. There are many things to take into consideration, the least of which, of course would not be your shipping time.

    You'd have to fetch the estimates from the shipping methods you use based on when you ship, and have the system do the math and display it to your customers.

    It's just not there right now.

    I think your best bet might be to add a note saying something like:
    Delivery estimates:
    USPS First Class Mail: 5-6 business days from order date
    USPS Priority Mail: 4-5 business days from order date

    Just a few thoughts.

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      We have that already and it helps - for example they can choose -

      USPS Priority 2-3 Business Days
      Fedex Next Business Day
      Fedex 3 Business Days, etc

      However we really want the ability to show an actual estimated delivery date. Some of our competitors have it and our customers, and CSRs have requested it.

      It wouldn't need to be the most accurate, what about some kind of hard coding that took the next business day (when we will ship) + however many days we set for estimated delivery, for example overnight we would have it add one more day, Fedex 3 day would add 3, etc. Could that be done with some kind of scripting?


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        On our store we have a series of Javascripts installed which sort of do what you're looking to have done. PM us for our URL and you can look and see if this is what you're needing. If so, I'd be happy to share the HTML and Javascript code we used to create the table found at the top of the cart page. Just PM me and I'll send it to you...
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          Can anyone help me find the code for this? We need to add an estimated delivery date to our site.

          Thank You