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Easy way to Just Removing a Category from a Item?

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  • Easy way to Just Removing a Category from a Item?

    Hi all,
    Is there an easy way to just remove the category from an item?
    I have a What's New Page. So every item I list automatically is categorized into What's New and then what the product is (tablecloth, lace, handkerchief, etc).
    After about a month... go through the What's new page to remove those items that are not new, and have just been using the Move To (category) feature to move it to the actual category (again), but I often have to go through the list several times because the 75-100 items could be spread across a dozen or more individual categories.
    Is there a way to bring up the inventory by category, in this case
    Products > View/Edit > Browse by Cateogry - What's New
    And just check of to remove from this category?
    Or is there another way?


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    I can't find a quick easy way to do remove them, but you may want to see if you can use something like Category Special that you can more easily locate and perhaps change.


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      Not 100% sure that this works, but in the search bar on the View/Edit product page, type the category name. On my quick try it seemed to list all the products in that category.

      Then just select the ones you want to move.

      Hope that works


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        I can find them, no problem. I need to be able to delete a category listing from an item.
        Maybe I will pop an email to support.
        On my other site (on an online antique mall), I have the option of newly listed merchandise showing up on my What's New page for 30 days. Then it is automatically removed. It is also already in the appropriate category, from the time of listing.
        Would be a nice feature...