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What is the logic for Top Sellers?

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  • What is the logic for Top Sellers?

    The feature was working fine until just now. Now our top seller is NOT a top seller, and, hasn't been for months! :confused:
    We need to know the code logic used to choose the "top sellers".
    Thanks in advance! :)

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    On the admin go to the product and view the stats (last tab) that should tell you the sales for that item, the software is simply looking for the items that have sold the most over time, if that number is lower than another item then submit a ticket with both the item you feel should be #1 and the one showin so we can review this,
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      Thanks!. It's strange that the top seller item changed?! It then changed back to the correct one. perhaps it's because a certain page may have been using the alternate frame file (frame_2) which doesn't contain the top seller new code? I believe we have a few pages that use the frame_2 file. Is this possible?


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        Our top sellers reset at zero with 3.2

        I was wondering why I didn't see any top sellers after our store was upgraded to 3.2. And once I started getting orders after the upgrade the new orders showed up under Top Sellers.

        So it appears that the upgrade reset our Top Sellers calculations back to zero.

        Does anyone have any idea how we can fix this?



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          In the general store settings there is a day configuration for how many days you want the top sellers to go back to....


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            Best Sellers

            Thank you, sir (or ma'am)!

            Maybe it was there, but I don't recall seeing that setting before the upgrade. I see that there are several new settings on the Store Setting page, which is good.

            Take care, :)