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Carefull using Followup Review emails.

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  • Carefull using Followup Review emails.

    It's sends an email to ALL your previously shipped orders older than whatever you specify. We didn't realize that ALL our previous orders would be sent an email. It's THOUSANDS of emails and we can't seem to stop it. :o
    UPDATE: How can we turn off the emails that keep going out? I disabled the feature, but they still seem to be going out. However, we would REALLY like to leverage this feature. We want to send a coupon code out in the emails giving them a future discount for completing a reivew, We already have that setup in the review emails. So,
    Is there anyway to use this feature without deleting previously shipped orders? :( We would only want to send to those that have ordered in the last few months or so.
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    Did you fix this by putting older orders in another folder?




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      Yes, I did. However, don't make the same mistake I did! When I moved the older orders to a new custom folder I created (Old Orders) the checkbox in Settings>General Store Setting to send an email for items moved to custom folder X was checked by default! So, when I moved the old orders to the custom folder, an email went out to those customers! And, the default email for custom folders 1, 2 and 3 is "Your order is processing". Needless to say, emails went out informing customers from 3-4 years ago that their order was processing! :eek:
      Got a lot of nasty grams and phone calls. Fortunately, only a few hundred went out before I caught it. So, definately either disable the email for custom folders, or, change the email content to suitable content.
      It's a GREAT feature, and we really think it's one of the more valuable features in the new release, just be sure you have everything setup like you want before using! :)
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