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  • Review Emails prior to sending

    Is there anyway to review emails prior to sending?
    We are making changes to some of the emails (embedded hyperlinks and such) and have a need to test them prior to sending. Thanks.
    For example, in the review this item floowup email, we would like to change the product link. Right now, the hypelink links to the product page. We would like to change that to link the the newreview.asp for that specific product. When customer's link to the product page, they may not understand how to submit a review. Alternateively, could anyone supply the correct code for this? We just do not want emails going out with the wrong link. Thanks!

    Here is what we are proposing:
     href="[store_url]/review.asp?action=newReview&catalogid=[catalogid]">Click Here to Review This Item</