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  • database feeds and alternate frame.html

    You can change the frame file for an Extra Page, but if that extra page uses a database feed, and you drill down into any of the database feed items, the resultant page does not use the alternate frame that you designated for the extra page. It uses the default frame and there is no way to change it.

    Tech support told me in one breath (sentence, that is) that it is not possible to alter this behavior. And in the next breath say that they could do it for me for a fee!

    To me, this is functionality that is broken. If I change to an alternate frame for an extra page, I will need to have the items under that page use that alternate frame as well. Or at least be able to change it.

    I am just so surprised at this response from 3dcart. If it's possible to fix, then just fix it. Don't try and charge me for it.