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What is the Minimum columns or fields required for a product import?

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  • What is the Minimum columns or fields required for a product import?

    What is the Minimum columns or fields required for a product import?
    We need to do an important update, but, we only need to update a single field at this time. In the past, the order and number of columns was required or else the update would fail.

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    It depends on what the situation is, but for importing a brand new item via the import CSV, the only required columns are the product id column, and the product's name column.

    However, if you're using the product import CSV to update and existing product, then you'll want to include the catalogid column as well with the product's existing catalog ID information intact.

    We also recommend using the insert+update option when uploading the CSV.


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      okay, thanks.
      For example, we want to mark certain items as NOT FOR SALE, as one of our distributors is closed for a week. Rather than close the store alltogether, and, rather than have customers complain of extended wait times (even though we change estimated delivery time text, most will still expect same day shipment-:rolleyes: ) we export that distibutor's items, mark as not for sale, and then import! Then, change the "Not For Sale Availability Wording" to August 1, 2010. Presto.
      We are having difficulty with product export right now, so, we needed to know if we could use a single cloumn or two for a product update. And, also, never leave an unused column blank! It could erase existing info! :eek:


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        We took this a step futher by building a custom export set.
        Go to the products export page and choose a custom export set. Add the catalogid, id, name and notforsale fields and save as your Not For Sale export set. Next choose what products will not be available, such as, a particular distributor or manufacturer. Export the file and save as NotForSale_Export.csv
        Change the NotForSale field to 1 and then fill-down to include all items. Then save the file as NotForSale_Import. Import the file updating your products. Then, when products are available again, change the field to zero and import again! :)
        This is what we use to "go on vacation" when we close ONLY our local shipping warehouse, but, dropshipping is still available from our distributors! We can be OPEN for BUSINESS when away from the office/warehouse! :D


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          Mark, that's actually a great process you've got running there. Very efficient.

          The nice thing about the product export/import CSV is that it's very flexible. It really only needs the catalogID and name columns in order to post anything to the store. All the other columns are completely optional.

          So in the case of changing one product variable for all of your products as concession-supply is trying, you can just upload a CSV with that one column (and the two required ones, of course) added, and the cart will update the product(s) accordingly.

          concession-supply, you are right on track however about columns being left empty. If the column header is in the CSV and the cel is empty, then yes, the update will "update" the product and overwrite whatever parameter you initially had set for it. The best way around this is to either remove the column altogether, or do a custom export like Mark suggests.

          Incidentally, the issue we are having with the CSV reformatting incorrectly due to the meta-tags is being looked into. As a temporary work around, Mark's suggestion of doing a custom export (with all the columns except meta-tags should work. We hope to have the formatting issue fixed shortly though.


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            i realize this thread is 3 years old now. however, I'm trying to do this exact 'export' change NOTFORSALE state and 'import'.

            however, it no longer works. Investigating, i see that now the export file format and import file format have changed--not only field location, but the NOTFORSALE field (among others) is no longer in the import format.

            does anyone have any suggestions for importing the NOTFORSALE field?