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Adwords Conversions Stopped Working on 3.2 Upgrade

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  • Adwords Conversions Stopped Working on 3.2 Upgrade

    Yesterday our store was upgraded to 3.2 (which I like a lot, particularly the aesthetic). We have Analytics and Adwords linked, as well as the Ecommerce tracking working.

    Also yesterday, Adwords stopped sending data about the number of clicks and how much we pay for them. It still sends data about "Visits" from Adwords, but clicks is listed as zero. I can't help but feel that these two things are related.

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    Hi there. I had the same issue when we were upgraded but I seem to have it all working now *knock on wood*.

    Can you tell me where you placed your Google Analytics code? Did you put it in your frame.html file manually, or in the "global left banner" or whatever it's called?

    In the mean time you can read my discussion with Gonzalo on the subject here.