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3dzoom and scripts in Global Footer

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  • 3dzoom and scripts in Global Footer

    Is anyone else having trouble getting 3dzoom to work correctly on a template where there is javascript code in the Global Footer? I have some scripts placed there for the clickable Google Checkout, Paypal and logos that affect 3dzoom but I'm not sure why. When the global footer is disabled then 3dzoom works perfectly. The other crazy thing is that Google Chrome seems unaffected whether or not the footer is turned on or off. It is just IE and FireFox that seem to have issues. I've submitted a support ticket but thought I'd see if anyone else has encountered the issue. I'm not a javascript expert by any means and don't understand how scripts placed in the footer can affect 3dzoom. Thanks!

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    We are having a similar issue except that our scripts are in the Global Left Banner. We will ask support if the problem is the java scripts.


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      The advanced support team at 3dcart finally got this one resolved if anyone is interested. Thought I would document it for future forum searches. It seems the problem was that the 3dzoom script was timing out when there are other scripts on the page which take awhile to load. The setting to change the timeout period is located at the very bottom of the listing template and looks like:


      this was changed on mine by the 3dcart to:


      and now is working brilliantly.

      Thanks to 3dcart for staying on top of this one.