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Question About Options and Reward Points

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  • Question About Options and Reward Points

    I'm setting up our new 3dCart store, and I saw something tonight I had a question about...

    I have a product with two options, Size Large and Size Small. Size Large is $16.95 and Size Small is $12.95. When displaying the product onscreen in the store, it shows that 13 reward points will be given for the purchase of the product because I have the "base parent price" set at the lower option price. Does that amount increase to 17 reward points if the customer purchases the Size Large option at 16.95?

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    Based on our experience, yes, the rewards points will be increased to include the higher dollar amount/options selected. We added the following to the rewardsDescription field under Store Language:

    "[rewardsPoints] base points will be rewarded to you when you buy this item. Additional rewards points will be added after purchase for any options selected."