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Choosing a customer group without registering

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  • Choosing a customer group without registering

    I hope someone can enlighten me on how I can do this.

    I'm selling xmas trees online and I have separate pricing for residential and commercial (commercial requires fire retardant).

    I want the user to enter the site and just choose which zone they are buying for without having to register an account.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    You could add an options template. Ask in the options if they are consumer or commercial and explain why it matters. Then, increase the price for commercial. Put all of your products that need the options in a category and then apply the options template to that category. When a customer buys, change their account to the group you want if you need to. Keep in mind though that some customers might just choose to have their trees fire retardant too. So, changing them to a group might not be a good idea.

    To fix that issue though, you could ask a checkout question to find out. Then file them appropriately.


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      Rather than mess with the customer issue why not just make fire retardant a product option and state it's required for commercial use. As previously mentioned other people might want it to