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Change text on Paypal express?

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  • Change text on Paypal express?

    Is there a simple way to change the text that appears next to the Paypal express option? I wanted to add text to remind people they don't need a paypal account, but the "description" field in the payment setup doesn't seem to have any effect.

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    The only way I've been able to add that no paypal account is required to checkout buttons is on the payment settings, online methods, Paypal Pro in the caption box I put "Online Credit Card-No Paypal Account Required" and it shows up there. When the customer clicks that method they get an area to fill in credit card information. If you find out another way, without recoding the html, can you let us know?


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      I was able to edit the checkout-singlepage.html template to get what I wanted. There is a variable for [payment_description_message], but it does not seem to use the value on the payment setup page.

      In the section under <!--START: PPEXPRESS-->, I changed the following line (original is commented out):
      <!--<td colspan="2" class="item">[payment_description_message]</td> -->
      <td colspan="2" class="item">Use any major credit card! Paypal account is NOT REQUIRED!</td>


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        Wanted to bump this topic up. Any comment from the board admins on this? I'm running into the same problem in that I can't find where those variables are located in the admin panel in order to make a change. I don't want to change the html code unless I'm sure I can't do it through Store Language or somewhere else in the admin panel. Thanks.


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          I doubt admins can touch this.
          The unnamed line is in the template/s. It will need to be changed there as posted by Jeffb. It's just text so don't touch the code just the text part.


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            Mondo, I don't follow?? Why would the board admins not be able to tell me if a variable located on checkout3.html is findable somewhere in the admin panel and that I'm just missing it? My guess is that the wording for PayPal is probably supposed to remain standardized, and as such they don't make the variable available in the admin panel so it complies with PayPal policies. But it is indeed a variable and not just plain text located within the code.


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              My apologies, I was looking at the PP express button lingo on the cart. "Save time. Checkout securely etc"

              You must be looking at "Check out with PayPal" that show above and next to the PP button. I wouldn't think changing that would be a problem

              Your right, it is a variable but I scoured admin and can't find it either.
              If it is in admin they should be able to tell you where it is, Call or Email tech support.

              Otherwise if its hidden in the system the variable would need replaced with your wording on checkout3

              <!--START: PPEXPRESS-->
              <tr><td colspan="2" class="titles" height="15"> [payment_description]</td></tr>
              <tr><td colspan="2" class="item">[payment_description_message]</td></tr>
              <tr><td colspan="2" class="item"><input name="payment" onClick="window.location.href='paypal_express.asp? ch=3';" type="radio" value="online-[id]"><img src="" height=35 border="0"></a> [payment_description]</td></tr>
              <!--END: PPEXPRESS-->
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