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  • Mental strange error

    So this is crazy. 99% of people I have asked to look at our store see the proper page to buy the product on. The other 1% (myself, my business partner and a friend living 250miles away) get a 404 not found error.

    Tech support at 3dcart see the page and can find no error so this is really wierd.

    The store is hosted as a subdomain to the main site. I can't view that link but I can view the 3dcartstores link. Has anyone seen this before?

    the link in quesiton is:

    the alternative one that works for me is

    It used to work for me but now doesn't. Cheers for any help


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    Reminds me of the case of the 500 Mile Email.
    Webmaster: Texas Media Systems


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      That's very funny. I hope that the person who helps me sort this will have that level of detication to looking for the route cause.

      I am beginning to think it is ISP related as a PC I can remote into 5 miles down the road is working fine.

      To add some more confusion to to this, my iPhone can't view the page either and that is when connecting through the cell network, not the wifi!



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        I couldn't view your page when I went to I got a 404 error. However, when I went to, it worked just fine.


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          Hi sarah,

          Thanks for letting me know, that's interesting. I hadn't tried

          Thanks again



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            Both of your links, AND, work for me just fine IF I type them directly as shown into my browser.

            However, you've got a funky link on both of your sites. If you go to either of those sites and you click the "Store" link in the top nav bar, it's trying to take you to and then I get an "untrusted site" message because your entire site is not in the SSL security area (your checkout pages should be the only ones that reference https).

            So be sure and change that link so that it goes to http:// instead of https://.