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Images uploaded via FTP and creating thumbnails

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  • Images uploaded via FTP and creating thumbnails

    We have a few thousand pictures that we uploaded to our site via ftp. Most products on our site have 4 images. The images we uploaded are all 800x800. When we go to a product page, the pictures are not being scaled/resized. How can we get it to scale and resize the pictures and create a thumbnail that is clickable to change pictures. We have the main thumbnails for the image (one that you click on from a category page) but cant get the product page thumbnails to work.

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    We use the following code in our product listing template. We set the max image width for the main image at 300. And we set the popup window when the image is clicked to 550/550
    <!--START: image1-->
                  <a href="#" onClick="popupsimple('zoomify.asp?catalogid=[catalogid]&image=' + selectedimage ,550,550);"><img src="thumbnail.asp?file=[image1]&maxx=300&maxy=0" align="middle" border="0" id="large" name="large" alt="[name]" ></a><br>
                  <span name="imagecaptiont" id="imagecaptiont" class="item">[imagecaption1]</span><center><span class="item">click image to enlarge</span></center>
                  <!--END: image1-->
    Hope this helps