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Displaying options on view cart page

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  • Displaying options on view cart page

    I have been trying to figure out how to set this page to display the options by default... rather than being hidden until clicking the 'view hide options' link. We get a lot of customers that don't notice the view/hide options link and either add a message to ensure they get the right color or call us to confirm they didn't miss something.

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    Gonzalo told me how to fix this last year. Here is a repost:

    Thanks to Gonzalo this was a real easy fix. A one word change in the template view_cart was all that was needed. For anyone else who is "code challenged" like I am, just find this line:

    div id="opt[ITEM_ID]" style="DISPLAY: none" name="opt[ITEM_ID]">[OPTIONS]</div>

    and change none to all. Love it when it's simple!


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      Thanks rrw... worked like a charm. I'm code challenged as well.