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Why does Option Price not display?

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  • Why does Option Price not display?

    The code is there to display the option price next to the option text, but, it does not display.
    For example:
    <!--START: radio-format-->
                              <input type=radio name="[oname]" value="[value]" onClick="validateValues(document.add,1);"  [selected]>
                              [feature] [oprice]<br>
                              <!--END: radio-format-->
    The option price does not display next to the option title. It DOES however, replace the YOUR_PRICE display at the top of the table, but, not on the option line. Does anyone know why? :confused:
    We would like to display the pricing next to the options since customers don't see the price changes at the top when slecting different options.
    Here's a perfet example:

    Also, any way to make the product number change when choosing the different options?
    Thanks in advance! :)
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    Maybe the price doesn't show up because you have "Hide options additional value" checked in the Settings > General > Store Settings area? What I have done is check that box in the settings and then actually type the price in parenthesis after the name of the option, so my options are typed in like this when I set them up:

    Blue ($1.50)
    Red ($1.75)

    And then that's how they're displayed. I will just have to remember to change the option description if the prices ever change.