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display quantity in stock on listing page?

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  • display quantity in stock on listing page?

    Does anyone know how to modify product listing page(s) to display quantity on hand, either in addition to or instead of Availability? I know it's the Stock field, but can't seem to figure out the code.


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    In Settings > Design > Store Language, there is a setting called "Availability-Instock". Search the page for that setting and then change the text in that field to say

    [stock] In Stock

    That will make your stock status display like this:

    5 In Stock (or however many you have in stock for that item)


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      Super! Just what I needed, and way easier than I was making it! Thanks!


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        Hi - one more thing you will need to do for this to work properly. The code [stock] In Stock will display just like that on the search results page unless you also edit the search.html template. You will need to replace the [availability] tag with [stock] In Stock to correct this.
        Laura Z
        Brass & Silver Traditions


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          Oh, good catch - I would have totally missed that! Thanks!


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            brassandsilver, thanks for that info. I had seen the issue with the search results, but as a newbie just now building my store, hadn't yet figured out how to fix it. Now I've got it good to go! :)


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              Is there something that will work to show the amount in stock if you are using advanced options? We sell shoes so on our products we have dropdown showing available sizes. How can I add how many in stock for each size?


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                I wish they had it available too, but from what I have read here in the forums, that's not currently a feature of the store. I've put a Feature Request in at (their new Feature Request service) so go vote for it if you want to see that added to the new release!

                Here's the direct link to that feature request:


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                  Thanks I voted! This would be a great feature!