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How To Designate Unlimited Inventory?

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  • How To Designate Unlimited Inventory?

    Building our new 3dC store and I've got another question...

    Under normal circumstances (pretty much all products in the store), we track inventory, even the inventory levels of the options. However, we also offer gift certificates. How can we indicate an unlimited inventory level for the gift certificates without inputting 9999 as the inventory level and displaying that on our product page (we display inventory levels on the page for our customers information)?

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    If you're only worried about the display, how about setting your "In Stock Message" for that product to something like "In Stock".

    That should override your standard inventory status message.


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      Yes, the display was my main concern. I completely forgot that you can override the standard stock message. That solves my problem for this issue along with another issue as well. Thanks for the reminder! :))