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Related Products - What am I doing wrong?

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  • Related Products - What am I doing wrong?

    Hiya everyone!

    Well, I find myself knee-deep in tags and html code and I am stuck. I'm trying to customize my product listing to look like the one I had done using APD in monster, but I seem to be missing the salient points of the necessary start and end tags (and, it seems, everything in between). I managed to get a lot of things to work, simply by starting with the default template and borrowing the code from that, and Carlin fixed my "add to cart" custom button (which wouldn't add anything to the cart), but I am still lost on this related products thing. I have them enabled and configured in settings, but it's the actual code I can't seem to make work.

    Would anyone out there be willing to share the related products portion of your listing? Just so I can see what it's supposed to look like? I think it might be helpful for others who are struggling to learn this stuff as well. :)