I discovered a problem with the shipping selection on checkout yesterday and wanted to see if there was a solution.

It turns out that when you select a shipping option other than the default (sort 0 in this case) whenever a change is made the shipping goes back to default.

Ex-1: Shopper selects UPS as shipping option, sees shipping cost and decides to proceed. They enter in a coupon code and, upon recalculation, shipping method switches back to USPS.

Ex-2: Shopper calculates shipping based on zip code in View Cart, selects UPS, and clicks on proceed to checkout. Shipping method switches back to USPS.

Ex-3: Same as #2 and when they get to checkout #1 they change to UPS. When they type in billing/shipping information it switches back to USPS. Or, if they log into an existing account it switches back to USPS.

Is there a way to keep the shipping selection of the shopper set to what they select rather than always having it reset?

I've included sample images for reference.
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